Background and collections

Collection of sample tiles by Salvador Miquel.

The core of the Can Tinturé Museum is the collection of Salvador Miquel sample tiles (Barcelona 1900 – 1983). He categorized the sample tiles as a true collective heritage whichhad to be preserved. He was the first president of the Catalan Association of Decorated Ceramics (Catalan Ceramic Association, today).

The collection includes 3.918 pieces, ranging from the fourteenth century to the mid- nineteenth century and ends when the Pujol I Bausis factory starts to function and although basically showing Catalan tiles it also includes examples of Valencia, Talavera, Sevilla, Teruel and Muel, Delf tiles. It was acquired by the City of Esplugues in 1999.

Collection of sample tiles by Santiago Albertí.

The collection of sample tiles by Santiago Alberti is made up of 1.287 pieces, which continue on from and complement that of Salvador Miquel. It was acquired by the Esplugues Town Council in 2005.

Santiago Alberti i Gubern (Barcelona 1930- 1997) is best know as a linguist and editor but the same as Salvador Miquel, hi was president of the Catalan Association of Ceramics and pottery and from this he developed research in the field of ceramics.

Ceramic collection J.Guivernau.

The ceramic collection of Joan B. Guivernau consist of abaut 1017 sample tiles, originals and reproductions by the ceramist. His heirs donated the collection to the City of Esplugues de Llobregat in 2013.

Joan Guivernau i Sans (Barcelona 1908 – 2001) was a traditional potter who worked on the restoration and reproduction of pieces of traditional Catalan ceramics. He also produced new creations especially from the 1950´s on wards.
Without doubt his own ceramic activities generated the traits that so characterize the collector: the love and enjoyment of those pieces that had survived over time. Joan B. Guivernau collected a good selection of different types of tiles, which inhabited his workshop alongside other ceramic objects.


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