Mosaic and ceramic. The color in modernist architecture.

On Wednesday February 10th Marta Saliné and Jordi Griset showed the difference and similitude between hydraulic and ceramic mosaic.


During the first part of the session Jordi Griset presented the second edition of his book The Art of hydraulic mosaic in Catalonia which is today considered one of the most outstanding books about hydraulic tiles in Catalonia. He explained that the publication of this volume was a long journey that began 20 years ago when he picked up the first hydraulic tile guided exclusively by its beauty.

Marta Saliné invited us to look beyond the beauty in the ceramic mosaics of modernism, looking for connections between the pieces and their functionality or the environment in which they are located.


During the last part of the session ,entitled Mosaics vs Mosaics, they presented the dialogue between the ceramic and hydraulics. Marta Saliné and Jordi Griset reviewed a number of examples where you could see how the most popular and spectacular models of hydraulic pavements still coexist with different modelsof wainscoting  produced in the and Bausis Pujol Factory.

Mosaic i cer`maic

This conference is part of the special program of the exhibition Catifes Ciment, el món de la rajola hidràulica, that you can visit for free on Can Tinturé until April 3.

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