Angelina Alós collection

The artist and ceramist Angelina Alós Tormo (Valencia, 1917 – Barcelona, 1997) has been a leader in the world of contemporary ceramic creation. In addition to its original, wide and varied work, she created a school that trained many generations of ceramists with an acknowledged glamour.

Angelina Alós Tormo kept throughout her life close ties with our population, where she set up her art studio.

In 2009 the artist’s daughter, Blanca Morales Alós gave the Esplugues city 31 works of her mother. Presently the works are exposed publicly in the area of Baronda.

Esplugues city has other works by the artist in San Juan de Dios Hospital, in the parish Church, Santa Magdalena, and in Esplugues’ bridge gardens where took place the ceramic panel with submission “Esplugues: harmony and opening village”.