Angelina Alós Esplugues Ceramics Biennial

International Ceramics Biennial of Esplugues Angelina Alós

Ceramics and all kinds of clay-related manufacturing have been key factors in the history of Esplugues. The operations of the former kilns and brickyards are now gone, yet over the last few decades new approaches have been put in place and built on to keep up the town’s connection with ceramics. Hosting the international Angelina Alós Esplugues Ceramics Biennial is especially significant in this local recovery and outreach initiative.

Its roots date back to 1986, when Esplugues Town Council officially held the “City of Esplugues” Ceramics Award. First run on an annual basis and then every two years, it is designed to encourage entrants to experiment and rediscover new formulas for artistic expression through the art of ceramics.

In memory of the artist and ceramist Angelina Alós (Valencia, 1917 – Barcelona, 1997), who had close ties to Esplugues and was the driving force behind the award, in 1998 her name was added to the competition for the 10th Ceramics Biennial.
The prize-winning pieces from the most recent biennials are on show in the Espai Baronda building, where the exhibition “Angelina Alós Tormo, master ceramist” is also on permanent display featuring 31 items presented by the artist’s daughter to Esplugues.