Background from Pujol i Bausis factory

It covers the full range of materials, ceramic tiles and utensils saved in the compound of the factory since its municipal acquisition in 1984. However, different surveys and subsequent actions have expanded their material background with different types of ceramics (tiles, scales, vents, cornices, molding…) as well as stoneware and porcelain pieces. Note the recovery of varnished tiles and “thin tiles”, produced in the previous steps to the arrival of Jaume Pujol i Bausis. The material range also includes some tools, molds, parts for grinding, refractory baking boxes, balls mills, etc.

In parallel, we should note the existence of the factory’s background documentary deposited in the Municipal Archive of Esplugues. This background provides an opulent and documentary typology with the inclusion of drawings, sketches, projects in watercolor, gouache, pastel… There is also technical documentation, such as climb and a set of stencils and printed catalogs either are of its own or others, and some of the companies are foreigners. You can find more information about the history file in:

Municipal Archive of Esplugues